Sellery Change Log


  • Price History grid and button added to the "Price History" tab.


  • New users are set to use the new automatic pricing rules feature.
  • New automatic pricing rules feature feature is available.


  • You can choose other products you are selling as competing products.


  • Able to opt-in to add upper and lower limits to the Dynamic Optimizer.


  • Asterisks replaced with an "info" icon for clarity.


  • New Smart list filter to view items that are in both fulfillment channels.
  • User file uploads can be downloaded from the recent uploads grid.


  • Nesting grouping for Smart list creation have changed to make nested filters more logical.


  • Scheduled Repricing has been added in the Pricing Overview.


  • "Pricing Rule" column in the inventory screen is also a hyperlink.


  • Ability to refer to money-type custom fields in the competition filters.


  • Price History Tab added to the secondary screen from the inventory screen.


  • FBA Small and Light (US & UK only) support.  Fees are now calculated for enrolled listings.
  • Error message to appear for S&L items that go over the cap (15 USD / 9 GBP).


  • The minimum monthly charge of Sellery is now $50.


  • Pricing log displays the status of your listing, giving an explanation of why your desired price isn't live if that's the case (sale price set, uploads disabled, upload error, etc etc).


  • Private Label Repricing to include different ASINs as competition.
  • Invoices are displayed under Subscription settings page.


  • When you upload a file that doesn't have enough info, Sellery now shows you which fields are required, cannot be changed, and will alert you when information is missing.


  • Upload Errors are displayed in detail.


  • Stock Grid is sorted by the newest change by default.
  • Multiple versions of the final Price + Shipping (landed price and price) are exportable.


  • Custom columns and widths are saved per smart list view.
  • Identifying more than one SKU in a smart list is now contained in one area instead of adding many smart list rules. 


  • The "whole inventory" row in pricing and shipping overviews has a number of usability improvements. It is no longer drag-able. It cannot be removed. Other rows cannot have the catch-all selected. It reads "everything"/"everything else" for clarity.


  • When clicking on the pricing rule name from the inventory grid pricing log, selected item will appear in the item preview under the pricing rule preview.
  • New reload notification for when a change has been made by the user or a new release of Sellery has been made.


  • Smart list filter for items price at minimum.


  • Column widths in all grids are saved.
  • Smart list filter for "[Custom Field] is/is not set" has been created.


  • Custom fields can be renamed.
  • Smart List filters, Inventory grid column, and Export column, now auto populates Sellers names while typing, using the “Buy Box Seller Name” data.


  • 24 hour Buy Box ownership percentage is an option in Smart Lists, exports, and the inventory grid.


  • “Original Imported Price” column added to display the listed-price the base “Cost” was based on.
  • “Target Price” replaces “Competition Price” in the pricing log and pricing preview tabs along with context to how the item was priced.


  • “Save As” is now available for Pricing Rules and Smart List. Duplication of Smart Lists and Repricing strategies.


  • CA fee changes.
  • Pricing rule name in the pricing log is now a link to the pricing rule in the settings page.


  • Stock History tab shows cost changes for the highlighted item.
  • Full Special Case explanation in the pricing log and the pricing preview.
  • Before/After filtering options for exceptions, to ignore out of stock offers from Amazon.


  • Buy Box owner name displayed in the Inventory grid and exports.


  • Filtering out competition that is priced under your MAP price, so you can compete with higher priced competitors.


  • A Smart List filter for Lead Time as been added.
  • com FBA fees changes to Media items.
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