Sellery Change Log


  • Custom columns and widths are saved per smart list view.
  • Identifying more than one SKU in a smart list is now contained in one area instead of adding many smart list rules. 


  • The "whole inventory" row in pricing and shipping overviews has a number of usability improvements. It is no longer drag-able. It cannot be removed. Other rows cannot have the catch-all selected. It reads "everything"/"everything else" for clarity.


  • When clicking on the pricing rule name from the inventory grid pricing log, selected item will appear in the item preview under the pricing rule preview.
  • New reload notification for when a change has been made by the user or a new release of Sellery has been made.


  • Smart list filter for items price at minimum.


  • Column widths in all grids are saved.
  • Smart list filter for "[Custom Field] is/is not set" has been created.


  • Custom fields can be renamed.
  • Smart List filters, Inventory grid column, and Export column, now auto populates Sellers names while typing, using the “Buy Box Seller Name” data.


  • 24 hour Buy Box ownership percentage is an option in Smart Lists, exports, and the inventory grid.


  • “Original Imported Price” column added to display the listed-price the base “Cost” was based on.
  • “Target Price” replaces “Competition Price” in the pricing log and pricing preview tabs along with context to how the item was priced.


  • “Save As” is now available for Pricing Rules and Smart List. Duplication of Smart Lists and Repricing strategies.


  • CA fee changes.
  • Pricing rule name in the pricing log is now a link to the pricing rule in the settings page.


  • Stock History tab shows cost changes for the highlighted item.
  • Full Special Case explanation in the pricing log and the pricing preview.
  • Before/After filtering options for exceptions, to ignore out of stock offers from Amazon.


  • Buy Box owner name displayed in the Inventory grid and exports.


  • Filtering out competition that is priced under your MAP price, so you can compete with higher priced competitors.


  • A Smart List filter for Lead Time as been added.
  • com FBA fees changes to Media items.
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