Special Functions & Alerts Settings For Android

Below Profit Bandit's FBA Settings, you'll find Special Functions & Alerts menus:

Shake to Scan

If this option is enabled, you can shake your phone to open your camera and scan a barcode. Great for one-handed scanning.

Batch Scan Mode

When Batch Scan Mode is enabled, Profit Bandit will save the barcodes you scan to history for review at a later time.

Learn more about Batch Scan Mode

Right/Left Research Screen

You can select which website to load when you press and hold left/right side of the screen.

Pre-load CCC and ALL FBA

By default, Profit Bandit preloads the CamelCamelCamel page and the FBA offers page for the items you scan. This is done in the background and does not slow you down while scanning.

This does slightly increase the amount of data Profit Bandit uses. To conserve data, disable this option.



Profit and Sales Rank Alerts

When Profit or Sales Rank alerts are set, your phone will vibrate if either threshold is reached.

Speak Profit, Sales Rank & Number of Sellers

Tired of feeling alone when out scouting? Enable these features to have Profit Bandit read the number of sellers, your profit and the item's Sales Rank to you.

Coming Soon: An in app purchase will unlock Morgan Freeman and Gilbert Gottfried voices to add variety and fun to your scanning sessions.

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