Known Issues


Known Issues in SellerEngine Plus

  • Right clicking in Inventory to add items to shipment causes errors if you select over 100 items.
  • Download and Import the last generated listings available on Amazon is not working on UK and DE with unified accounts. As a workaround, please continue to do a regular Download and import.
  • When signing in accounts are defaulted to a Seller Central + FBA account even if they do not have an FBA account. Please confirm you select the right settings.
  •  In the reprice wizard there is no option to set limits based on the lowest price.  
  • The ‘Edit’ window is not resizable.
  • The names of fields listed in the Search Inventory dialog do not match the column names available in the following cases:
    • Product Name - Searches Title
    • Exported - Searches Export to Amazon
    • Previous Price - Searches Last Price
    • Some fields are not available for searching.
  • When you search with the option 'Load query and edit', the changes you make to the query will not be saved by default. If you want to save the changes to your query, you must do so explicitly.
  • When using the Selection dropdown button from the main toolbar, when you select items of a particular condition, if no items of the condition selected are in your inventory, the items currently selected will not be deselected.
  • - The View Data Entry History feature is not currently supported.
  • - International Shipping Flag is returned by Amazon as a simple yes or no value, so and users who download their listings fresh from Amazon will not have the proper values retrieved. We have an open ticket with Amazon to resolve this issue. International Shipping Flags set in SellerEngine Plus UK and DE and uploaded to Amazon will list correctly. and users who set their International Shipping Flags in SellerEngine Plus UK or DE and then download an open listings report will keep the correct International Shipping Flags. This is only an issue when the inventory is first downloaded from Amazon.
  • - The Amazon constraints on the pricing of Collectible items are not enforced by SellerEngine Plus. If you reprice an item in Collectible condition to under the Amazon List Price or if there is no Amazon price, below $10, Amazon will remove the item from your listings when you upload that price change.


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