General Settings in Profit Bandit on iPhone

General Settings is first section that you'll see in Profit Bandit's Settings menu.

Amazon Location

Selecting a country will set Profit Bandit to scan on that marketplace. For example, selecting UK will tell Profit Bandit to start looking up items you scan on

If you don't see a SellerID listed below the location you have selected, you won't be able to scan on that marketplace and will receive an error message.

If you have a Pro Merchant account on the selected marketplace, tap Register to authorize MWS. 

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Media Mail

The Media Mail setting allows you to use United States Media Mail rates when calculating MFN shipping costs for media items.

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Scanner App Choice

If you're having problems scanning, first try switching the scanner app.

Learn more about switching scanning apps

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"Sell It Button"

The "Sell It" button can be configured to either list items on Amazon or to add items to your Buy List.

Learn more about the Buy List

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Profit Display Type

Profit Bandit can display your Profit Calculation as either a number (displayed in local currency), as a Margin % or as ROI (return on investment) %.

Profit Bandit calculates Margin % based on Profit and Sell Price.

The Profit Margin equation:

Margin % = (Profit / Sell Price) * 100

Profit Bandit calculates ROI % based on Profit and Buy Cost.

The ROI equation:

ROI % = (Profit / Buy Cost) * 100


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Scan Button Location

Depending on what hand you hold your phone with, it can be more convenient to have the Scan button on the left or right side of Profit Bandit's home screen.

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Restricted Item Alerts

If this setting is enabled, Profit Bandit will alert you when an item you scan can't be listed for sale on Amazon. This feature is enabled by default and requires you to be signed in to Amazon (if you're not, you'll be prompted to sign in).

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