Understanding Scan Results in Profit Bandit for iPhone

After you scan an item in Profit Bandit, you need to understand the results you receive.


Staring at the top of the screen, here's what you'll see:

  • The Scan Button - Tap here to scan a barcode.
  • Manual Search - Type keywords here to manually look up an item by title, UPC or keywords.
  • Item Details - Sales Rank, List Price and more.
  • Offer Overview - See the offers and their conditions returned by Amazon. 
  • Restricted Item Alert - Shows you when an item you scan can' be listed for sale on Amazon.
  • Profit Calculation - Understand how Profit Bandit calculated your profit and adjust your Buy/Sell Price.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you'll see icons for your Buy List, Bluetooth Plugin, History and Profit Bandit's Settings.

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