The Offer Overview In Profit Bandit For Android

Understanding the offer overview is key to making smart sourcing decisions with Profit Bandit.

The Offer Overview shows you the number of offers for each condition, as well as a selection of those offers. 

Note that Profit Bandit doesn't display every offer, but it will display the lowest offers that are returned to us through Amazon's API.

Asterisks and Orange Highlights

If you see an offer with an asterisk, that is the offer that has the buy box. An offer highlighted in an Orange box, and with the Amazon logo to the left is an offer from Amazon themselves.

Important Note: Despite the example on this page, Amazon doesn't always have the buy box!

Letters in Parentheses

These refer to condition:

  • (A) - Acceptable
  • (G) - Good
  • (VG) - Very Good
  • (LN) - Like New
  • (N) - New 

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